Billy Orten & M. Lynwood Smith – “Fifteen Radio Sermons” is thankful to present the following scanned booklet from the past. The following is the introduction taken from the book itself. God bless you as you read and receive admonishment from these gospel preachers of the past.


We present to the public a collection of fifteen sermons which were delivered over radio station WTTS Bloomington, Indiana, from September 23rd through October 7th, 1951. This work was sponsored by the church of Christ at Harrodsburg, Indiana, while we were engaged in a meeting for the church there.

Assisting in this work also were three younger preachers who each have a sermon which was delivered in this series. They are: Ted Warwick (Compton, California); James Orten (Lawrenceburg, Tennessee); and Wayne McKamie (Waco, Texas); who was working with the church there.

We ,claim very little originality in these sermons. As a preacher once wrote, “Most of what I know I learned from somebody else.” But if these sermons or thoughts can help one soul to be drawn a little closer to God and His Way, we shall feel repaid and happy. After you have read your book, pass it on to someone else who might change his course in life and be led to our Blessed Lord who only can save us from sin and from an eternal night of despair. May God bless all who read these pages.

We wish to thank Sister Ray Meridith, who has gone to her reward, for assisting in compiling these Sermons; along with Nancy McLemore, Junie Branch, Betty Nichols, and Brother and Sister Raymond Bray.

BILLY ORTEN (Lawrenceburg, Tennessee)
M. LYNWOOD SMITH (Wesson, Mississippi)

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