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“Christian, Contend For Thy Cause,” by James D. Bales

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Billy Orten & M. Lynwood Smith – “Fifteen Radio Sermons” is thankful to present the following scanned booklet from the past. The following is the introduction taken from the book itself. God bless you as you read and receive admonishment from these gospel preachers of the past. INTRODUCTION We … Continue reading

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The Dennis-Smith Debate on Divorce and Remarriage (1943)

The following debate is, to my knowledge, not copyrighted. I received a copy of this debate and read it with great interest. This was a written debate which seems to have begun in about 1942 and was finished in 1943. … Continue reading

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Old Paths Advocate (1932-2005)

Old Paths Advocate The Old Paths Advocate is the third oldest paper among the churches of Christ. Only Firm Foundation and Gospel Advocate are older. The editors of the Old Paths Advocate (OPA) stood against all innovations in doctrine and … Continue reading

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Preachers’ Study Notes (1982-2000)

Below are the Preachers’ Study Notes covering the years 1983-2000.  There were no Preachers’ Study Notes published in 1998.  Each book is in PDF format and contains articles written by various preachers.  As with all writings, two important questions should … Continue reading

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Immortality of the Soul / Resurrection of the Dead

The books below are written by Hiram Mattison.  As with all writings, two important questions should be asked:  (a) Did the author use scripture to prove his point? and (b) Did he use the scripture correctly?  Please read with these … Continue reading

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Writings of W. Carl Ketcherside (In his conservative years)

The writings below are a collection of writings from W. Carl Ketcherside before he departed from the faith of the gospel into the Unity-in-Diversity movement.  Carl Ketcherside was, in his early years, a conservative and astute Bible student.  Yet, even … Continue reading

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Religious Debates

Below are rare and old debates on a variety of issues which are offered for the reader’s consideration.  Please read each debate critically and consider which speaker is (1) using scripture and (2) using scripture correctly.

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“The Apostolic Way” – Clarance Teurman & R. F. Duckworth (Editors)

The collection below represents Brother Lynwood Smith’s personal copies of “The Apostolic Way” – a paper edited by Clarence Teurman and R. F. Duckworth.  These men were opposed to Bible Classes (Sunday School) as well as other innovations.  Eventually Brother … Continue reading

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First Principles and Perfection – J. S. Lamar

First Principles and Perfection – J S Lamar

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