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Preachers’ Study Notes (1982-2000)

Below are the Preachers’ Study Notes covering the years 1983-2000.  There were no Preachers’ Study Notes published in 1998.  Each book is in PDF format and contains articles written by various preachers.  As with all writings, two important questions should … Continue reading

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Immortality of the Soul / Resurrection of the Dead

The books below are written by Hiram Mattison.  As with all writings, two important questions should be asked:  (a) Did the author use scripture to prove his point? and (b) Did he use the scripture correctly?  Please read with these … Continue reading

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Writings of W. Carl Ketcherside (In his conservative years)

The writings below are a collection of writings from W. Carl Ketcherside before he departed from the faith of the gospel into the Unity-in-Diversity movement.  Carl Ketcherside was, in his early years, a conservative and astute Bible student.  Yet, even … Continue reading

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Religious Debates

Below are rare and old debates on a variety of issues which are offered for the reader’s consideration.  Please read each debate critically and consider which speaker is (1) using scripture and (2) using scripture correctly.

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