Dorothy Nichols (March 14, 1959 to August 29, 2014)

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Dorothy Elizabeth (Battey) Nichols was born on March 14, 1959 in Hobbs, NM. She was my sister in the flesh and my sister in Christ. Dorothy was destined to always be a part of my life. We were born in the same earthly family of course and we were both reborn into the same family (Jn 3:5). In our teenage years, our mother and father divorced one another and that would end the time we would live together a normal brother and sister under the same roof. As our parents drifted further and further from faith in Christ, Dorothy and I tried to encourage one another to stay faithful in the church – to “build one another up in the most holy faith” (Jude 1:20). I know Dorothy always encouraged me to do what was right. I hope I was able to encourage her in the same way. On December 25, 1982, I performed Dorothy’s marriage ceremony as she became the bride of Brad Nichols. To this union were born three children: David, Jason, and Carlene. Dorothy was the chief administrator of the homeschool in which she taught her children to “read, write, and do arithmetic.” Dorothy took her children on countless field trips as part of their schooling. By the time each reached the age of 18, they took their GED tests, passed and went on to attend colleges and universities in Missouri. Wherever Dorothy and Brad chose to make their home, there the church would be blessed with faithful members doing what they could “holding fast the word of life” (Phil 2:16). Dorothy passed from this life on August 29, 2014 after a five year struggle with breast cancer. From my viewpoint, no husband could have done more for an ailing wife than Brad did for Dorothy in the last few months of her struggle. With heavy hearts we laid Dorothy’s body to rest in a little cemetery outside of Anderson, Missouri – not far from where she would assemble every first day to break bread with her brothers and sisters in Christ (Acts 20:7). When I think of Dorothy I will think of “faithfulness.” While our parents became unfaithful to the Lord and to one another, Dorothy was determined to be faithful to the Lord and to her own husband. Her example encourages me even now. I look forward to the resurrection when the “last enemy” shall finally be conquered (1 Cor 15:26), we shall all be raised from the dead and meet the Lord in the air to ever be with Him (1 Th 4:13-18). I was honored to have been asked by Dorothy herself to speak at her memorial service. I am thankful for the assistance rendered by Brother Brett Hickey who preached a gospel message to those assembled. – George Battey

(written September 29, 2014)

George Battey (speaking at Dorothy’s funeral service – September 4, 2014):

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Brett Hickey (speaking at Dorothy’s funeral service – September 4, 2014):

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