“Open Bible Study” #3 – A Discussion with a Mormon Bishop: Continuous Revelation?

“Open Bible Study”

May 8, 2010
Continuous Revelation?

This present study concerns the subject of “Continuous Revelation.”  On May 8, 2010 Mr. Jim Choate came to our church building and spoke in defense of his belief that God continues to reveal new things to men today.  Mr. Choate is the Branch President of the Seminole, Oklahoma “Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints” (Mormons).  He believes God, through modern-day prophets, has revealed new “truths” – some of which include The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants.  Mr. Choate was asked to concentrate on scriptures from the Bible which he believed taught God would always continue to reveal things throughout the history of man’s existence on earth.  This he did.  Only one time did the brethren recall Jim reading from the Book of Mormon – and then only at the end of his speech.  Though Mr. Choate disagreed with us, he was very cordial, polite and a true gentleman.

When Mr. Choate finished, George Battey, the preacher for the Good Hope Rd. Church of Christ, spoke for an equal amount of time defending the idea that revelation from God ceased with the death of the original apostles at the close of the first century.  Mr. Battey pointed out the Bible is God’s final and complete revelation – that God will not reveal anything to anyone other than what is already revealed in the written scriptures.  He gave scriptural evidence that “all truth” was delivered to the apostles (Jn 16:13), that this was done “once for all time” (Jude 3) and that the Lord promised to keep His word from loss (Mt 24:35) and corruption (1 Pet 1:23-25).

Mr. Battey also pointed out the Mormon Church is not the only church believing in continuous revelation from God.  The Islam religion, the Pentecostal Church, the Catholic Church, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, the Christian Science Church, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other churches all believe the scriptures alone are not sufficient to meet man’s needs.  Each of these churches believes God has revealed many things since the days of the apostles.  Likewise, many so-called “non-denominational” members believe God “leads” them to homeschool their children, “reveals” to them which person they should marry and in thousands of ways continues to lead, guide and reveal in addition to the written scriptures.  Mr. Battey denied God leads and/or guides in any fashion other than through the written scriptures alone.

We are thankful for Mr. Jim Choate for his willingness to participate in our “Open Bible Study.”  About 81 people from various churches gathered to hear both sides of this topic discussed.  The question session was orderly and everyone participating conducted themselves honorably.  It was a true joy to have a public study with Mr. Choate.

We hope you will enjoy both the speeches and the question sessions.  May the Lord bless you in your study of His wonderful word.  The “churches of Christ” salute you” (Rom 16:16).

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Introduction to Open Bible Study on Continuous Revelation

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Jim Choate (Mormon) – Sermon affirming revelation continues today

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George Battey (Christian) – Sermon affirming revelation completely ceased at close of apostolic era

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Jim Choate (Mormon) – Question & Answer Session

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George Battey (Christian) – Question & Answer Session

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