“Open Bible Study” #2 – A Discussion with a Baptist Preacher: Once Saved, Always Saved?

“Open Bible Study”

April 10, 2010

This present study concerns the subject of “Once a person is saved, will he always be saved or can a saved person sin to such a degree that he can lose his salvation?” On April 10, 2010 Mr. Chad Kaminski came to our church building and spoke in defense of his belief that, although a Christian can sin and even fall, they will not “finally fall” – that is, a truly saved person will not ever be eternally lost.  When he finished, George Battey, the preacher for the Good Hope Rd. Church of Christ, spoke for the same amount of time defending the idea that it is possible for a saved person to lose his salvation.  As a matter of fact, the scriptures teach that a Christian who sins and does not receive forgiveness is in a “worse state” than one who never knew the Lord to begin with (2 Pet 2:20-22).

We are thankful for Mr. Chad Kaminski, Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Allen, OK, for his willingness to participate in our “Open Bible Study.”  About 150 people from various churches gathered to hear both sides of this topic discussed.  The question session was orderly and everyone participating conducted themselves honorably.

We hope you will enjoy both the speeches and the question sessions.  We want to thank Mr. Chad Kaminski for his involvement in this study.

May the Lord bless you in your study of His wonderful word.  The “churches of Christ” salute you” (Rom 16:16).

“Once-Saved-Always-Saved” – Sermon
Common Objections


Sermons Preached on April 10, 2010


Question & Answer Session on April 10, 2010



Once Saved, Always Saved – Introduction

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Chad Kaminski – Sermon

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George Battey – Sermon

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Chad Kaminski – Questions and Answers

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George Battey – Questions and Answers

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